Vancouver Eats: The Cottage Deli

My former boss introduced me to this hidden gem in Vancouver’s Gastown area. It’s a nice little cafe tucked away inside one of the red brick buildings facing the train tracks.  The Cottage Deli serves delicious sandwiches at a much cheaper rate than the usual fare in Gastown. Whenever I am with friends downtown and they look for a nice, quiet place to talk, I usually take them here.


a very delicious turkey, avocado, and swiss sandwich

The Cottage Deli is run by two very nice men. I really love this place because it reminds me of what Vancouver must have been in previous years, when Gastown wasn’t the tourist attraction that it is now. It’s also one of the cheapest food places you can find in Gastown with a great view. The food is great but the service can be quite slow, it’s not the place for someone wanting to grab a quick lunch. It’s the best place for those who want to have conversations and watch the time go by.

The Cottage Deli is located at 131 Water Street, Vancouver.


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